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Company profile
Our company makes prototypes and models, produces and markets display, furnishings and fittings for mounting museums, libraries, monumental buildings, parks shows.
It also tests on one’s own or relying on outside structures both public and private, new technologies for making innovations in the field of protection , fruition , exploitation and popularization of cultural and environmental heritage, including helping systems for didactic machinery , lighting, communication , didactic activities and “additional services” oriented to the business management of the cultural institutions.

All our products are designed and carried out in agreement with the regulations of the ministerial decree for cultural heritage and activities of 10th may 2001 about the “Standards, functioning and development of the museums” which prescribes specifically the quality targets and the guide lines for the display stand design. 

Among these standards, in addition to those of the protection from theft and damage, we attach great importance to the “visibility and fruition of the objects displayed, from the didactic point of view too”, “to their being easy to reach for a direct control of the manufactured article”, and to the problems pertaining to the microclimate control apparatus, inside and outside the display stands, so that the “system showcase turns into a single organism functional with the system of the objects preserved”. 

The copyright of this design is reserved and it is forbiddden to notify it to a third party, also partially; it is likewise forbidden to modify the design or to utilize it for profit without the author’s explicit consent.

Design registered to the ADI- Industrial design Association- Register of design.

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